Lost in the Red Forest

I’ve been working on a game called Lost in the Red Forest. It’s a short, surreal, and creepy first person adventure-ish (there are items and locked doors) game that focuses on exploration and atmosphere.  Here are a few gifs showing parts of the beginning of the game.


walk  door

You find yourself driving late at night in the middle of nowhere when you are stopped by a strange barrier.  Stuck, your only option is to grab a compass and look for help.  You explore the Red Forest and encounter doors standing alone, haunting scenery, and strange chambers.

This is my first 3D game, and part of the reasoning behind its development was a way to learn basic 3D modeling, as well as experiment with making a highly atmospheric game.  The story is implied and somewhat ambiguous rather than made explicit.  The game is almost done, but I’ll have more updates as I get closer to finishing.


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